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Stamps & Coins: FDC & Event Covers

Canadian Communications Satellite Telesat-C - 'Anik-3'

Space City Cover Society with Cape Canaveral, FL Cancellation over Skylab stamp.

Outstanding Commemorative Cover featuring the Canadian Communications Satellite Telesat-C - "Anik-3", a Skylab stamp and Cape Canaveral, FL Cancellation. Dated May 7, 1975.

There is a photo of the launch along the left side.

The stamp is a $0.10 Scott No. 1529, which was issued to commemorate the 1st annuversary of the launching of Skylab I (Designed by Robert T. McCall.)

The cover measures appx. 6 1/2" Wide by 3 1/2" Tall. The back is blank.

Condition is Excellent / Outstanding, with No Stains, No Rips, No Tears, No Writing, No Bends, No Folds, No Holes, Nice Bright and clean Stamp. Note: There is a Very Minor cancellation bleed-through on the back side.

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