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1833 Engraving GEORGE AUGUSTUS ELIOTT, First Lord Heathfield

Original fine steel engraving by Harding & Lepard, Pall Mall, London England

Original fine steel engraving of George Augustus Eliott, First Lord Heathfield. O.B. 1790 From the original of Sir Joshua Reynolds, in The National Gallery. Published May 1, 1833, by Harding & Lepard, Pall Mall East, London ENGLAND.

Engraving comes with it's companion page from Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain;
Edmund Lodge, ESQ. F.S.A.

Lord Heathfield, of whom it may be said that he was all but born a soldier, was the eighth and youngest son of Sir Gilbert Eliott, of Stobbs, in Teviotdale, in the shire of Roxburgh, in Scotland, a Baronet of Nova-Scotia, by Eleanor, daughter of William Eliot, of Wells, in the same county, and was born on the twenty-fifth of December, 1717.
Designed from his cradle for the military profession, his general education, however, according to the laudable custom of his country, had been carefully superintended at home, from whence he was sent, when about the age of twelve, to the university of Leyden, where he became a respectable classical scholar, and acquired the French and German tongues, both of which he was always remarkable for writing and speaking with uncommon precision and elegance. Little time was passed in attaining these advantages, and he was yet a mere child, when he was removed to the celebrated military academy at La Fere, in Picardy, called l'Ecole Royal du Genie, which had been reared and matured under the care of Vauban, the father of the art of modern fortification. To that branch of warlike science, which was therefore particularly cherished in the school, the young Eliott, without neglecting others, peculiarly attached himself, and, having remained there about two years, visited the continent, with the view of seeing exemplified in active service the principles which he had so sedulously studied in the closet. Having collected all that presented itself in ambulatory observation, he at length entered the Prussian army, as a volunteer, and served in it in that capacity till the year 1735, when he returned to Scotland.

Skillfully Engraved by H. Robinson. Measures appx. 6 1/2" Wide by 10" Tall. The back is blank.

Condition is Very Good / Excellent, with No Rips, No Tears, No Writing, No Folds, No Bends, No Stains, Some Light Foxing, and Very Little Age Discoloration (around the page edge.)

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