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1800s Steel Engraving ~ Napoleonis' Mater (The Mother of Napoleon)

Nice large format with accompanying page of text.

Outstanding fine steel engraving entitled Napoleonis' Mater (The Mother of Napoleon), engraved by W.H. Mote Roffe, from the Statue by Canova. In the collection of His Grace, The Duke of Devonshire, at Chatsworth.

"Seated in an attitude of pensive composure" says Canova's biographer, "this statue ranks among the very noblest of the sculptor's labours, and though the design reminds us of the 'Agrippina of the Capitol,' it need not shrink from comparison with that celebrated antique." In a figure sp completely covered as this, the eye of the spectator is chiefly, yet very naturally, attracted to the drapery, at all times a very difficult task for the sculptor...

Comes with companion page, The Mother of Napoleon. Each measures appx. 10" Wide by 13 3/4" Tall. An absolutely perfect candidate for a double matte and antique frame.

Condition is Outstanding, with No Rips, No Folds, No Stains, No Writing, No Damage, No Foxing, No Holes, No Bends, No Folds.

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