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Lot of 5 American Flag Illustrations from Civil War Era Covers

All five are different ~ Each was once a genuine Civil War Cover (Envelope)

This is a lot of 5 American Flag illustrations, which were all, at one point, envelopes... they have since been cut from their envelope form, and were mounted into an album. The album pages have since been cut. And now we have a lot of 5 illustrations mounted to pieces of paper.

Removal from the paper backing should be as easy as removing Stamps, Trade Cards or Photos from an album (if you are so inclined to do this.)

Each one is unique, check out the scans. When in their original enveope form, these Civil War Covers are very collectible, and can sell for well over $10 each.

Each one measures about 5 1/2" Wide by 3 1/4" Tall. 4 are mounted to a pinkish paper, the fifth to yellowish paper.

Condition is Very Good / Excellent, with No Rips, No Tears, No Pin-Holes, No Writing, No Foxing, No Stains. Each is glued to a piece of backing paper in it's 4 corners.

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