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Ephemera & Paper: Broadsides

Original 1934 Massachusetts Governor Joseph B. Ely Proclamation

Observance of the anniversary of the Boston Massacre Broadside

Original Massachusetts Proclamation Broadside, issued on behalf of His Excellency, the Governor, Joseph B. Ely, by the Secretary of the Commonwealth Frederic W. Cook.

Document begins: On the evening of the 5th of March, 1770, one hundred and sixty-four years ago, thereoccured one of the great events in the history of this Republic. Speaking of this event, John Adams, writing and official communication from London on March 2, 1786, said: "The 5th of March, 1770, ought to be an eternal warning to this nation (England). On that night the foundation of American independence was laid." No man probably had a more profound knowledge of the circumstances leading up to that event than he. Again on January 5, 1816, Mr. Adams said: "How slightly soever historians may have passed over this event [the massacre] the blood of the martyrs, right or wrong, proved to be seeds of the congregation. Not the battle of Lexington or Bunker's Hill, not the surrender of Burgoyne or Cornwallis were more important events in American history than the battle of King Street, on the 5th of March, 1770."


Measures appx. 9" Wide by 14" Tall and printed on a medium heavy paper stock, including watermark. The back is blank.

Condition is Excellent / Outstanding, with No Stains, No Foxing, No Corner Bends or Wear, No Rips and a single 3/4" Crease Tear along the left edge, No Pin-Holes, No Writing. The document has been folded in half, then in half again horizontally.

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