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Ephemera & Paper: Billheads & Receipts

Lot of 3 Consecutive Checks - The Suncook Bank of Suncook, N.H.

Drafted on the account of Silver & Young, General Merchants of Gossville, New Hampshire

Nice lot of 3 consecutive banking documents, all written to newspapers: Globe Newspapers, Union-Leader Publishing and the Monitor Patriot.

Each one is endorsed 'Silver & Young.' The check numbers are consecutiv 3710, 3711 & 3712.. .all written February 3, 1940.

All three checks were routed to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, as indicated on the back sides... and collected stamps of other banks along their way.

Each measure appx. 8 1/4" Wide by 3" Tall and all are perforated, probably coming out of a 3 page per sheet ledger book.

Condition is Very Good / Excellent, with No Rips, No Tears, No Modern Writing, No Stains, Few Folds, No Foxing, each is punch-cancelled PAID with date and dollar ammount.

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