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Pacific 97 International Stamp Exhibition Pane of 16 32 cent stamps.

Issued March 13, 1997 - Engraved Sailing Ship & Stagecoach

This is a U.S. Postal Service Commemorative Issue Pane with 16 Pacific 97 International Stamp Ehxibition 32 cent stamps.

Originally sold by the U.S. Post Office, this is Item No. 443240, face value of $5.12... (Original inventory/price sticker on back) Scott catalog no. 3130 (blue) & 3131 (red).

This item is heat sealed in plastic for protection... (Original U.S.P.S. packaging)

The pane measures appx. 6 1/4" Wide by 6 1/4" Tall.

Condition is Outstanding with no stains, no damage, no writing, no folds, no problems!!!

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Inventory No. 389099532
Quantity Avaialble [ 1 ]