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1935 Buffalo/Indian Head Nickel - Copper-Nickel Composition

Great Looking Coin - Condition appears to be About Uncirculated (AU-55)

Undoubtedly the most dramatic, artisitc, and original set of designs employed for a U.S. coin, the Buffalo/Indian Head Nickel went into production in 1913. James E. Fraser, the designer, was not one to go half way. He hired an Indian to sit for the obverse portrait and took his sketching gear to the Bronx Zoo to get a likeness of a buffalo in the flesh.

This coin seems to grade out at About Uncirculated (AU-55), and I believe you can see all of the details in the photographs. An extremely detailed coin with mint lustre on both the front and back.

Condition is Excellent, with No Holes, No Bends, Nice detail.

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Inventory No. 389099637
Quantity Avaialble [ 1 ]