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Illustrations & Photos: Maps

1928 Wagner & Debes Map of Napoli (Naples), ITALY

Printed in Germany ~ Wonderfully preserved

Original 1928 Map of Centro di Napoli, Italy. Published by Karl Baedeker, printed in Germany.

Salvaged from Baedeker's Italy from the Alps to Naples, Third Revised Edition. This is a Wagner & Debes map. Leipzig.

Measuring just larger than 8 1/4" Wide by 6 1/4" Tall, this map is a single page, and has a single crease fold, from being originally folded into a travelers handbook. The back is blank.

Please note, the facing pages 387/394 are actually still attached to the back of this map, and were not removed for fear of damaging the map itself. They describe Naples and its Nearer Environs.

Condition is Excellent/Outstanding, with No Rips, No Tears, No Holes, No Stains, No Foxing, No Writing. A beautiful 83 year old map.

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