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1899 Indian Head Cent - 95% Copper Composition

19th Century Coin - Condition appears to be Very Fine (VF-30)

Probably the most famous of all US coins, the Indian Head Cent remained in production without change in design for half a century, with one exception... During it's first year, the reverse carried no shield. In 1860, they revised the reverse design, where it remained. This is an increasingly difficult coin to find, both without the shield and in a mid-higher grade.

Its designer was James Longacre. The weight is 4.67grams, and the diameter is 19mm., the specifications being the same as the Flying Eagle Cent. The portrait is that of an Indian maiden.

This coin seems to grade out at Extra Fine (VF-30), and I believe you can see all of the details in the photographs. The color of the coin itself is slightly more "Bronze", than shows in the photos and has some nice contrast.

Condition is Excellent, with No Holes, No Bends, Nice color and detail.

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