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1909 Dictionary strips with lots of illustrations

Salvaged from a very damaged 1909 Webster's International Dictionary

This is a lot of 18 dictionary strips that were salvaged out of a leather-bound 1909 Webster's International Dictionary. 17 of the strips feature illustrations as well as definitions. The subject matter varies widely, and includes: Kittiwake, Kite, An Edentate, Sycamore, Kingfisher, Mastadon, European Swift, Matamata, Kinkajou, Porpita, Canada Porcupine, Porbeagle, Fruit of Sweet-sop and many others. Each is double-sided, so this doubles your options (pick your side). The strips measure appx. 2.5" wide by 10.5" tall. Condition range is Good / Very Good with no rips, no tears, no folds, some minor age discoloration, no foxing.

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