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Store Closed for Summer Break
We will re-open July 19th, 2024

*If you have placed an order, we will contact you on July 19th.

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For Private Collectors

We offer a modest number of interesting items, sourced from local auction houses, estate sales and private collections. Many of the items that we sell, have never been on the market elsewhere and are available exclusively through our web store. Most are collectible ephemera items, but there are many other goodies to be found here as well, so please take a look around.

For Hollywood Production Designers

We provide original period items for the movie and filmmaking industries. Do you have a need to source original items from specific dates/locations or require hard-to-find paper or advertising items, to be used as props or scene d├ęcor? Start your search here or reach out to us with your specific needs, we can help!

For Artists and Crafters

Including vintage pieces into your art, junk journals or scrapbooks can add tremendous appeal to your work. Why not take a peek at our items, and consider integrating some of them into your work?

Thousands of Additional Items

Above and beyond the items currently listed within our store, we have literally thousands upon thousands of additional items that are stored within our vast network of warehouses and underground storage facilities. If you are looking for a particular item, contact us. We may be able to locate (or source) an item for you.

Flat Rate Shipping

We now offer $3 flat rate shipping on all orders. See full details under shipping information, on our store policies page.

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