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1958 CBS Press Photograph of Jack Benny and Danny Thomas

Original Glossy Black & White Photo with Identifying Paper Tag

This is a terrific photogtaph featuring Jack Benny (left) and Danny Thomas (right) which was released by CBS Television Network to promote The Danny Thomas Show, circa 1958. This is an original photo, NOT a copy or re-production, and comes with an companion paper tag, which identifies the stars, program, sponsor etc. The photo has been marked-up with a red china marker, a sure indicator that this photo was used as a master to print the cropped version of Mr. Benny in a Newspaper or a magazine. Measures appx. 7" Wide by 9 1/8" Tall and has a thin white border.

No Crease Folds, No Rips, No Tears, No Stains, there is however Some Slight Emulsion wrinkling and Little Signs of Surface Wear. Also note, the Red Crop marks and Arrow on the photo.

Year/Era: 1958
Condition: Excellent/Outstanding
Inventory no.: 389100045

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