Steel Engravings and Illustrations

1899 First National Bank of Cooperstown, N.Y. Check with Revenue Stamp

Cooperstown, New York dated June 8, 1899

Original banking document from the First National Bank of Cooperstown, payable to the Chase National Bank of New York, in the amount of $1,968.25 This check is rather fancy and has an engraved illustration of hero Natty Bumppo, known by European settlers as "Leatherstocking" and by the Native Americans as "Pathfinder," "Deerslayer," or "Hawkeye". Scott Catalog No. R164 Carmine Rose Two Cent U.S. Inter. Third Issue Revenue Stamp. This stamp is stamp cancelled with a round, F.N.B. "Cancelled" and dated ink stamp. Measures appx. 8 1/4" Wide by 3 1/4" Tall, contains the signature of Thomas Turner. The check is cut cancelled with an PLUS shape cut, and also cut cancelled with the dollar amount $1968*.

Condition is Excellent/Outstanding, no stains, no rips, no tears, no folds, nice and flat, A great looking document.

Year/Era: 1899
Condition: Excellent/Outstanding
Inventory no.: 389100048