Steel Engravings and Illustrations

1835 Engraving RICHARD BOYLE, Third Earl of Burlington

Original fine steel engraving by Harding & Lepard, Pall Mall, London, England

Original fine steel engraving of Richard Boyle, Third Earl of Burlington. O.B. 1753 From the original of Kapton, in The Collection of His Grace the Duke of Devonshire. Published March 1, 1835, by Harding & Lepard, Pall Mall East, London ENGLAND. Engraving comes with it's companion page from Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain; Edmund Lodge, ESQ. F.S.A. This nobleman, who had the wisdom and courage to withdraw himself in the prime of life from the splendid vexations of courts and cabinets, to enjoy in a dignified retirement the consciousness of an unspotted fame, and the indulgence of a refined taste, was the eldest son and heir of Charles, second Earl of Burlington, and third Earl of Cork, by Juliana, daughter, and sole heir, of Henry, second son of Edward Noel, fourth Viscount Campden, and was born on the twenty-fifth of April, in the year 1695. Skillfully Engraved by W.T. Mote. Measures appx. 6 1/2" Wide by 10" Tall. The back is blank.

No Rips, No Tears, No Writing, No Folds, No Bends, No Stains, Some Light Foxing, and Very Little Age Discoloration (around the page edge.)

Year/Era: 1835
Condition: Very Good/Excellent
Inventory no.: 389100057