Postage and Revenue Stamps

Mr. ZIP Stamps (Lot of 4)

Caricature of a mail carrier drawn with his letter bag trailing him

Mr. ZIP, informally "Zippy", is a cartoon character used in the 1960s by the United States Post Office Department, and in the 1970s by its successor, the United States Postal Service, to encourage the general public to include the ZIP code in all mailings. This lot includes four (4) Mr. ZIP stamps, each attached to a blank stamp. Three are printed on standard paper, however the fourth is printed on "silk" paper, a much less common paper stock that contains silk fibers. These stamps have never been mailed and have their original glue on the back.

No rips, no tears, no folds, no stains, no writing, no problems.

Year/Era: 1970s
Condition: Outstanding
Inventory no.: 389100060