Advertising Items

1941 Oldsmobile B-44 Hydra-Matic Large Format Ad

Very Well Preserved Car Ad — Vibrant Colors

Terrific 1941 automobile advertisement featuring the 1942 Model Year Hydra-Matic Oldsmobile B-44. This one is an emerald green color, two door sedan. The illustration features the car being driven by a man with a pipe, very near an industrial zone, with a steam locomotive travelling in the opposite direction. Carefully removed from it's publication, there are binding holes along the left edge. Measures appx. 8" Wide by 11 3/8" Tall. The back features an ad for Lucky Strike fine tobacco.

Condition is Excellent / Outstanding, with No Rips, No Tears, No Folds, No Bends, No Stains, No Writing. NOTE: There are 2 very small pieces of archival tape on the back (Lucky Strike) side.

Year/Era: 1941
Condition: Excellent/Outstanding
Inventory no.: 389100108