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Vintage B&W photograph of Ordained Minister of the Anglican Church

Unknown Subject - Kosh Studio N.Y. / R.I.

Very well preserved Black & White photograph of a Catholic Priest? Wearing a very formal religious outfit, carrying a bible? I can not be sure of this man's faith, but I can tell you the photography studio was Kosh, and it's logo has an Asian look to it. The studios were located at 546 Fifth Avenue, New York as well as somewhere in Providence, Rhode Island. This photograph is mounted to a matte board (which was at one time mounted to something else, as there is some glue residue on the back upper edge.) Measures appx. 8" Wide by 11 1/8" Tall... the photo itself is 4 1/2" by 6 3/4". There is no writing and the subject is not identified.

Condition is Very Good/Excellent, with No Surface Scratches, Folds, Rips or Tears on the Photograph. The Matte backer-board does have some minor edge damage on lower right edge.

Year/Era: 1940-50s
Condition: Very Good/Excellent
Inventory no.: 389100109