Postage and Revenue Stamps

1900 United Traction Company, Voucher Check Receipt — Albany, N.Y.

Document has 2¢ Pre-Printed Documentary Tax Stamp

Original document dated November 2, 1900. Payment was made to Dr. Arthur E. Smith for the sum of $1. Payable by the National Commercial Bank of Albany, New York. Document is punch-cancelled in the shape of a "plus". Measures appx. 8.75" wide by 7.5" tall (when folded open).

The Albany Railway Co. started buying competitors in Albany, Troy, Watervliet and Cohoes. The name was changed to the United Traction Company (UTC) in 1899. It commissioned a new office on the corner of Broadway and Columbia St. designed by the preeminent architect Marcus Reynolds (who also designed the D & H Building and the Delaware Ave. fire house). The building, although it needs some TLC, remains on that corner.

Condition is Very Good, with very minor stain on back side, no rips, no tears, no damage.

Year/Era: 1900
Condition: Very Good
Inventory no.: 389100135