Steel Engravings and Illustrations

19th Century Steel Engraving — Hotspur and Lady Percy

Original Fine steel Engraving of a Scene from Shakespeare — King Henry IV

Outstanding fine steel engraving entitled 'Hotspur and Lady Percy', originally sculpeded by W. Ridgway and skillfully engraved by Chalow, from Cassell & Company, Limited of London, Paris & Melbourne. This engraving was carefully removed from a damaged volume of The Royal Shakspere (Vol. II). No Publish date, but could be as early as 1870s. Measuring appx. 8 1/4" by 11". An absolutely perfect candidate for a double matte and antique frame.

Condition is Excellent / Outstanding, with no rips, no folds, no stains, no writing, no foxing, no holes, no damage.

Year/Era: 1870s
Condition: Excellent/Outstanding
Inventory no.: 389100141