Postage and Revenue Stamps

1872 First National Bank Check — Cooperstown, New York

Document has 2¢ Pre-Printed Documentary Tax Stamp

Original 1872 engraved bank check dated August 16, 1872. Ornate check with highly detailed illustrated engravings. Printed by The Major & Knapp Eng. Mf'g & Litho. Co., N.Y. Check was paid to F.A. Goffa in the amount of $609.81. Revenue stamped paper has a yellow-orange Eagle Type B 2¢ Documentary Tax Stamp. Measures appx. 8" wide by 3.25" tall. Punch cancelled, with some fantastic rubber stamps and signatures.

Condition is Excellent/Outstanding, with no stains, no rips, no modern writing.

Year/Era: 1872
Condition: Excellent/Outstanding
Inventory no.: 389100175