Postage and Revenue Stamps

1877 GOLD New England National Bank Check — Boston, Mass.

Document has 2¢ Pre-Printed Documentary Tax Stamp

Steel engraved illustration of native american indians along the left side and a North American Beaver centered on the bottom. Printed by Hooper, Lewis and Co. of Boston. This check was payable in GOLD for the sum of $90.14. Revenue stamped paper has a orange Washington Type M 2¢ Documentary Tax Stamp. Measures appx. 7.5" wide by 2.75" tall. Punch and cut-cancelled, with a great looking signatures and stamps on the back.

Condition is Very Good/Excellent, with minor stains, no rips, no modern writing.

Year/Era: 1877
Condition: Very Good/Excellent
Inventory no.: 389100185