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Ramesses the Great, the Third Pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt

1920-30s Photograph of the Colossal Statues at Luxor

Original 1930s photograph taken in Thebes, Egypt. The temple was begun by the Pharoah Amenhotep III and was completed by Tutankhamen, after completion the temple complex was continually developed by other pharaohs like Ramesses II and outside conquers like Alexander the Great. Pencil writing on back of photo states "Statues of Ramses II in Luxor Temple. Measures appx. 2.5" wide by 3.75" tall. Glossy finish, black and white photo.

Condition is Very Good/Excellent, with slight upward curl, no folds, no stains, no scratches, no damage, no modern writing.

Year/Era: 1920-30s
Condition: Very Good/Excellent
Inventory no.: 389100195