Lithographs and Bookplates

1894 Wotan Takes Leave of Brunhild — Photogravure Process Print

Original Artwork by K. Dielitz

Published in 1894 by Selmar Hess (New York), 1894. On heavy plate paper, tissue guard with printed passage from Wagner's "The Valkyrie". Measures appx. 9" wide by 11.75" tall.

Photogravure is a traditional photo-intaglio process that was invented by William Henry Fox Talbot in 1850. Old Etching PressTalbot found that gelatin sensitized with potassium dichromate would harden when exposed to light. This gelatin affixed to copper allowed him to expose a film positive and etch the copper plate, eventually printing the image with intaglio (etching) ink.

Condition is Fair/Good, with significant foxing along the right, top and bottom edges. No rips, no writing, no folds. The arework area itself is very sharp and clean.

Year/Era: 1894
Condition: Fair/Good
Inventory no.: 389100196