Illustrated Billheads and Invoices

1871 T.J. Briggs & Co., Illustrated Advertising Flyer — New York, N.Y.

Wall Papers, Borders, Window Papers, etc. Agents for Yeoman's Patent Wall Paper Trimmers

Illustrated advertising flyer from T.J. Briggs to market their Spring 1871 products. Includes original envelope, addressed to Weathersfield, VT., complete with 3¢ stamp postage — Scott no. A46 stamp issued 1870-71, catalog value "on cover" is $37.50.

Condition is Fair/Good, in as-found condition, cover torn open. Some damage to flyer, no modern writing, no stains. Stamp is complete and well preserved.

Year/Era: 1871
Condition: Fair/Good
Inventory no.: 389100206