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1946 Ripley's Believe It or Not! Alcatraz Federal Prison Ink Blotter

Advertising for Eastern Metal Products Co. of Boston, Mass. with May 1946 Calendar

Interesting ink blotter advertising, printed for H.Haynes — Eastern Metal Products, distributor of Copper... nails, rivets, burrs, bus-bar, sheet, rolls, roofing, tubing, etc. and Brass... rod, naval, washers, rolls, tubing, muntz metal sheets, engravers' brass, etc... Featuring a color illustration of The Federal Prison of Alcatraz, being a Heavenly Place! Copyright 1945 Believe It or Not, Inc. Measures 9" wide by 3 7/8" tall. Fortunately, this one never blotted any ink.

Condition is Good, with some wear, minor bends and wrinkles. No writing, no holes, no major stains. The front printed layer is beginning to separate from the blue blotter layer, but still well attached.

Year/Era: 1946
Condition: Good
Inventory no.: 389100238