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1970s Russian Squid Brochure

Large Bi-Fold Brochure — Printed in Moscow

Russian advertising brochure for Squid in Natural Juice. Fantastic cover artwork! Brochure text is written in four languages, English, French, German and Spanish.

"The meat of squid distinguished by its individual taste and highly nutritious properties, containing as it does highly valuable proteins. carbohydrates, a combination of vitamins C, B, and micro-elements of vital importance, is something to look for and enjoy. Squid is canned in its own juice without any dressing. It is also marketed raw-frozen both gutted and ungutted, as well as dried. Taste it and You will know."

Measures appx. 9.5" wide by 6.5" tall. Could be used for an art project or even cut into two framable items.

Condition is Very Good/Excellent with no additional folds, no writing, no stains, no damage.

Year/Era: 1970s
Condition: Very Good/Excellent
Inventory no.: 389100254