Postage and Revenue Stamps

1897 Boston Springfield - New York RPO Cover

U71 Stamped Evelope with No. 12 Watermark

This cover looks to have been mailed in 1897 and carries a BOSTON SPRINGFIELD N.Y. R.P.O. cancellation over the 2 cent pre-printed postage. And has the railcar circle stamp on the back side as well.

RPO (Railway Post Office) denotes when mail was placed onto a train for delivery to any station along the route. This cover is an early example that has survived with the identifying train car stamp. POD (Post Office Department) '94 watermark is clearly visible when held to the light.

Condition is Good, with no folds, no modern writing, very few minor stains.

Year/Era: 1897
Condition: Good
Inventory no.: 389100262