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1966 Arcade Vending Card — HOBO the Bum Fortune Teller

Highly insulting and non-politically correct text content

Apparently, in 1966 it was all the rage to be insulted by an arcade vending card, this is a textboox example. Featuring insults such as "...you can be a real stinker", "Your lucky stone is Gallstone" and "DONTSITUNDERTHEPASTRY". The back is blank. Mutoscope type card, printed in the U.S.A. by the Exhibit Supply Co. Note it also declares "For Women" along the bottom.

Condition is Fair/Good, with some minor age discoloration (especially on the back), very minor stains, tiny wrinkle fold along top edge, no folds, no writin.

Year/Era: 1966
Condition: Fair/Good
Inventory no.: 389100266