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1912 French "April Fish" Poisson d'Avril Postcard

Hand-Colored with Red 10C Stamp

French 1st of April, "April Fish" - poisson d'avril photo postcard. This one is dated April 1st, 1912 and was mailed form Dijon, France. It is hand colored and awesome! The card reads: 1er Avril. En ce Premier Avril acceptez ma surprise, Je Vous la garantis sincére autant qu'exquise. Which translates to: On this April First, accept my surprise, I guarantee it to you as sincere as it is exquisite.

Condition is Good with minor modern pencil writing, no folds, slight upward curl (typical of old photo postcards), and some marks from mailing.

Year/Era: 1912
Condition: Good
Inventory no.: 389100277