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1892 Wilmington & Weldon Railroad / North-Eastern R.R. Receipt

Beautiful Handwritten Leaf Inside

1892 Expense receipt from North-Eastern R.R. (Railroad) Atlantic Coast Line, auditing department. This bi-fold item contains a very thin tissue paper-like leaf inside, which seems to be the "carbon copy" for the original receipt, which was likely handed to the recipient that made the original payment.

The handwritten text: May 5th Wilmington & Weldon R.R. Co. for the salary of C.C West(?) soliciting agent and salary and expenses of J.B. Heyward(?) ticket agent at Charleston(?) Hotel(?) April 1892.

Condition is Fair / Good. with expected minor aging and stains, no major rips, leaf is attached inside.

Year/Era: 1892
Condition: Fair/Good
Inventory no.: 389100319