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Italian Fine Art Postcard — Un Angelo Che Suona La Viola (Angel with Lute)

High Quality Printing with Beautiful, Vibrant Colors

Very thick post card, undivided back era.

Melozzo da Forlì, original name Melozzo degli Ambrogi, (born June 8, 1438, Forlì, near Ravenna [Italy]—died November 8, 1494, Forlì), early Renaissance painter whose style was influenced by Andrea Mantegna and Piero della Francesca. Melozzo was one of the great fresco artists of the 15th century, and he is noted for his skilled use of illusionistic perspective and foreshortening.

Condition is Very Good, no writing, never mailed.

Year/Era: 1920s
Condition: Very Good
Inventory no.: 389100394